Like Mother Like Son

Matt & I joke that Link may look just like him, but he is my personality – we’re mostly on the same wavelength (laugh at the same stuff, sensitive about the same stuff, annoyed by the same stuff…)


Driving home last night, Link starts to freak out.



It took about 6 renditions of this:


Me: Bud, deep breath, I can’t understand you.  Slow down, stop screaming, & speak like a big kid.

before I thought I heard the phrase “Mommy!  I have food in my nose!”

Me: Did you just say you have food in your nose?

Link:  Yes *whine*

Me: How did it get there?

Link: I put it there (love his honesty).


I couldn’t help but smile…because, you know, there was that one time I put a “fuzzy” up my nose.  And it rotted.  And I smelled HORRIBLE.


Thankfully, I’m sure granola is biodegradeable, not to mention, about 5 min. later down the road he says “I think I got it mom!”

Me: “oh, great!  Put it in this wipe”

Link: “I can’t, it’s on the floor with my boogers”

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