Link has found his passion

and it’s not hockey.  It’s BMX.  It started with me bringing him to the BMX track to ride his $2.50 garage sale bike – someplace other than the cul-de-sac.

There are races every Sunday.  After a few weeks of him riding the track, we brought him to the races to watch to see if he’d be interested in the future.  He needed to race that day.





He “won” a trophy his first go – 4th place at the 2012 Salt Lake City, UT nationals.  Older riders donate their trophies so the kids just starting out get to pick one after their very first race.  Obviously he picked 4th place because he’s 4 years old.


He was hooked after.  He insisted he get a new bike with “skinny” tires like the other kids.  He also asks to go to the track every night after school.


Last week it was pretty rainy in the evenings & on Thursday he said to Matt on the way to school

“dad, can you call Jesus today?  You know, he lives on the other side of those mountains.  Can you ask him to make it not rain tonight so I can go to the track?”


This weekend he legit earned his first trophy – third place.

As long as you don’t get last place in the 2nd round, you advance on to the last round, which is where you can take 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.  Even though he wiped out twice, and once pretty huge (his skinned elbow will prove it), he still got back on his bike & barely finished 2nd to last.









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