Link meets the ENT

Link caught an awful cold in December & since, his nose has never been the same.  He essentially went December-beginning of May with a constantly runny nose, a couple of ear infections, with little to no relief in sight (there were a few booger free days, but they were sparse).    I thought we got past it, but star beginning of June, he got another cold in which he has yet to recover from.  This one also involved an ear infection.


Over the weekend he complained of his ear hurting & was super whiney.  Matt took him to urgent care and he was diagnosed with another ear infection.  My mom told me to see what our pediatrician thought about tubes in his ears.    Our new pediatrician got us in right away on Monday & confirmed Link had “monkey’s” in his ears.  She upped his antibiotic and referred us to an ENT.  Dr. M told me he most definitely probably needs tubes & possibly his adenoids removed, but she’s no specialist.


Yesterday, Link met the ENT.   I thought it was just going to be a basic visit, you know, look at his ears & talk.  Nope….  It was traumatic (for him, not me, I was cool, the entire time).  It fell apart when Dr. F looked into his ears.  I anticipated this melt down – Link hatse his ears looked at.  Measuring height?  Heck yea!  Blood pressure?  Bring it on.  Heart rate?  Woohoo!  Temperature?  Cool.  Throat Swab?  Whatev’.  Peak in the ears?  Earth shattering.
Thankfully, the audiologist knew exactly how to cheer him up.  Let him play with toys in the sound booth while they checked his hearing (didn’t see this part coming of the apt. coming).  Thankfully, he has no hearing loss.   If they score 20 or less on a sound, it’s a fail.  Link scored awesome with the exception of 25’s on 50 dB or less, but she gave him a pass because he was talking the entire time (yeah, my kid is a talker, a very loud talker – shocker).    We however, didn’t get to the test that involved seeing if he had fluid in his ears because it involved an ear bud.  The audiologist & I tried, but there was no wrangling my 2 year old.  He’s a beast.  A very very strong beast.


Dr. F (the ENT) was pleased with his hearing test.   Then this happened.

Dr. F – I don’t know if Link needs ear tubes, but I think getting his adenoids removed would help with his ear infections and post nasal drip

Me – ok….

Dr. F – In 99% of my patients, I look at their adenoids before making this recommendation.  In your case, I’m not going to look.

Me – do you think they are that bad?

Dr. F – no, but your kid isn’t going to like me sticking a scope up his nose.  The only other option is an x-ray, and those frequently give me bad results.  I’m just going to make the recommendation.

Me – does any kid like a scope up their nose?

Dr. F – did you see that boy in the hallway a minute ago?

Me – yes

Dr. F – he just had his nose scoped…did you hear him?

Me – no…

Dr. F – *smiles*

Me – He’ll get over it.  If you’d feel better making this recommendation by scoping his nose & looking at his adenoids, you can do it.

Dr. F – Are you sure?

Me – Yeah, I’m sure.  How bad can it be?

Dr. F – Your kid isn’t going to do well with this.  For comfort reasons, I will not make you hold him down.

*opens door & calls in 2 nurses – both said, with shocked faces “you’re going to scope Link!?!?!?!?!?”  Do we have a toy to give him?*

One nurse sat in the dreaded chair & Link knew something was up instantly.  She put him on her lap & held his legs down with her legs & his arms w/ hers.  Another was in charge of his head.  Before Dr. F even got the scope out, Link flipped.  This then required another nurse for strictly his legs.   The whole scoping process took about three times longer than it should have because Link was not sitting still.  I heard Dr. F say about 300 times “almost done” and the nurses say “he’s soooooo strong for a 2 year old!” meanwhile Link is screaming and looking at me with sheer terror in his eyes.  At one point, Link screamed “just stop it, now!”  (I sort of giggled, I’m a bad mom).

He was rewarded with a bathtub fishing set by the nurses & chicken nuggets with chocolate milk by me (totally lame, but it was the best I could do w/o going into the grocery store).

Thankfully our night ended happily ever after in the bathtub.  (he slept with all 4 fish too).



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