Lucy Dog…

If Lucy B could read, this is the note I’d write her.


Oh dog…how I love you, you were our first baby and still my #1 girl.  However, I really am over you “acting out” now that your little brother is here.  You are amazing with him, so patient and caring, always making sure we are attending to his needs. Ever since we brought him home you have been getting into things that you would have never thought about getting into before, such as, the mail & pulling/eating books off the shelf.  Albeit it’s nothing to important (maybe you’re helping me sort through the junk mail?), it’s still SUPER annoying. I used to brag about how amazing you were, never eating anything that wasn’t yours.  Why now?  Are you jealous?  We give you tons of attention still and make time exclusively for you everyday – you even still get your daily run/walk in rain, snow, or shine.  Your behavior regressed when we first brought him home, and then you got better, but now that I’m back to work, you’re doing it again.  Dad no longer trusts you, and that’s why you don’t get to free roam the house anymore, but instead spend your days in your crate.  I hate putting you in your crate, I prefer to imagine you spending your days laying on the couch watching The Ellen Show & getting a sip of water from the toilet at your leisure.


The worst part pooch?  You KNOW you’re being naughty.  It’s really aggravating to mom & dad.  We want to trust you again, but feel like we’re back to ground zero – the puppy stage, where we slowly let you gain your independence from the crate.   Is this just a phase?  Will you ever shape back up into my awesome little brown lady?


I miss my good girl.


Love you for always-




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