Lucy & The Pancreas

About end of April I really started to notice Lucy was being more of a mope.  She couldn’t do our usual weekend 3 mile run, short walks seemed to make her pant like crazy & be exhausted afterwards & she kept giving me this look…Lucy Asleep

I said something to Matt & he said she’s always a mopey drama queen – he had a point.  Not to mention we had my mom & Matt’s sister visit, which really threw off her routine.  I let it slide for a few weeks until she began to not finish her food.  Lucy ALWAYS eats her food.  Lucy ALWAYS eats EVERY piece of food available to her.  Lucy even eats raw chicken out of the skillet.   We went to the vet & she suspected Pancreatitis.  This involved feeding Lucy B boiled chicken & rice with a side of Amoxicillin for a week – people food…a dream come true.  Although she perked up a bit after this, she still wasn’t normal Lucy.  Matt told me I was a little “hyper sensitive” about Lucy.  Seriously?  She’s my first baby, my #1 girl, & my best running buddy (who has really slacked lately!).  I let it go & her go, he was probably right.  Fast forward to Saturday, she didn’t eat breakfast & puked (glad I was at the gym for this part!).  We brought her to the vet again.  They did a x-ray of her belly to make sure she didn’t eat anything of Link’s & drew blood.  Her x-ray showed a perfectly baby toy free belly.

I didn’t know on Sunday if I should be praying something is wrong w/ her so Matt realizes I’m not a crazy dog lady (I am…) or if I hope she’s all fine & dandy & I’m a crazy dog lady.  I prayed for the latter.  Monday we got the results of her blood tests & it showed definite Pancreatitis.

This bummed me out for a few reasons.  1. It’s extremely painful & I’ve been ignoring that glum look for almost 3 months (it all really started around Link’s 1st birthday).  2.  She’s on a strict prescription diet food that is really low in fat – this means no people food scraps.  There goes my vacuum for when Link throws his chewed up meat & veggies on the floor after dinner.

So, for the next 2 months she’s on a prescription diet, pain pills & rest.  Don’t worry though, she still makes me walk her every night – we just don’t go as far for right now.

Lucy Mope


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