MIMI Labor

Mom graciously came last week to watch Link during the week while Daycare was on vacation.


As per usual, mom can’t come w/o me having a bazillion things for us to work on.  I had a list – organize Link’s clothes, toys he’s outgrown, paint the bathroom, teach me to sew something awesome & more than just a blanket, & learn the art of cable stitch knitting.  We only got to the bathroom & cable knitting.


The bathroom ended up being more of an undertaking than we thought.  We have an old house with no exhaust fan and 2 residents that like to take steamy hot showers, which lead to paint peeling.  The plan was to scrape the peeled paint off, patch,  prime, & put a latex/epoxy paint on – ta-da done!  Unfortunately, paint scraping became more than just a few spots – i.e. most of the ceiling, so we had to scrape the whole ceiling off, which took forever.  Not to mention, we both probably have lead poisoning from the existing 1954 paint.


It was a 3-day undertaking & the bathroom now looks amazing (mostly just “cleaned” up).  But now, when the door is closed for several hours at a time to keep Link out of the toilet, it smells like an old smoker’s house.  Huh.


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