Mom fail?

I’ll admit that on Monday, I dreaded leaving work.  I dreaded having to go home and deal w/ the fight that ensues every night when I pick Link up from daycare (he never wants to stop playing to go home).  I didn’t want to deal w/ walking Lucy.  I didn’t want to deal w/ the chaos that is making dinner.  I didn’t want to do the bed time routine.  I wanted to just go home, put my sweat pants on & eat frozen pizza.

Obviously, I didn’t have a choice.  Link happily left daycare, without a fuss.  Link & I power walked Lucy through the ‘hood, but not w/o Link crying most of the time.  I gave him my phone to play with, out of desperation.  However, that just made him more mad because he couldn’t hold it or operate it because he INSISTED on taking a golf ball & wiffle ball bat along on our walk & wouldn’t let me hold onto them while he played w/ the phone.  No reasoning w/ that child.  I made “brinner”, but only with Link attached to my hip or clinging to my leg screaming “up up” because I had to set him down & use two hands for a few seconds.  After dinner, he happily did some coloring and then we played cars.  I would be lying if I said I let him stay up late because we were having so much fun – I had him in bed by 6:55pm.


Thankfully, I woke up Tuesday w/ a better attitude….

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