more sewing

I was busy sewing feverishly last week before we left for WI.  I upcycled one of Matt’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu shirts & made it into a long sleeved-T for Link.   It turned out way more awesome than I thought.  I didn’t imagine the giant logo on the front of a grown man’s t-shirt would look good taking up an entire 1 year old’s shirt, but it’s cute.

BJJ shirt


Unfortunately, the first time I tried it on him, the neck hole was to small to get over his 97th percentile head.  I cut the neck bigger (and in turn, sort of botched it, but made up for it) only to realize that it’s to short (almost) for my giant headed long torso’d offspring.  It’s a total bummer, because he looks like a stud in it!

BJJ outfit


I also made a car wallet for our plane trip.  It turned out cute & Link enjoyed driving his cars on the road & through the grass.


car case 2

car case 1


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  1. Carrie says:

    Link is SO COOL. I am sure it is because his mom is so cool and rockin the sewing machine. That shirt is awesome. I am in awe. Very impressive!!!

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