My busy one…

Link is active.  Some kids like books, Link likes to move.  He does best when doing a physical activity (jumping, running, climbing, biking, sports).  We signed him up for soccer on Friday nights this spring & learn to skate Saturday AM’s.  HE’s been begging to play hockey – when he plays hockey, he’s going to hit (check) people & go BOOM!.  That was a quote…


Before you can play hockey, one must learn to skate.  This week was week 4.  Week 1 was good, week 2 he cried for mommy the entire time (Matt & I switch weeks we’re on the ice with him).  Last week, week 3, we both came off the ice in tears.  Me because he wasn’t trying and he, because, well, he’s 3.  We were both incredibly frustrated.  However, this week, it clicked.  He tried and did awesome.  So proud of this kid.  I’m sure I could post a video, but I’m to lazy to figure that out.  Also, take note of my sexy husband in his


After hockey on Saturday, we promptly went to a birthday party at Build-A-Bear.  IT was chaos, but I expected nothing less from 3 year olds.  Link originally picked out a ninja turtle (shocker!), but right before inserting the heart, he “wanted to trade” and got a giraffe instead.  It’s adorable.  Link played the game for a bit.

Colored his giraffe’s house…


Gave his giraffe a bath (he’s very nurturing!).


And then he said the heck w/ it and started to ride his giraffe like a pony…and wouldn’t stop.



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    Your kid is awesome.

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