Yesterday, Matt, Lucy & I took a short road trip (3 hour round trip) to Nederland.  Nederland is about 20 miles West of Boulder and at about 8500 FT above sea level.  So not really high and not really far, but far enough for a perfect day trip & a beautiful drive.  We were able to see the “colors” along with some amazing scenery.  Its interesting we drive the mountains to look at the colors when in reality, you see more color change in town becuase people have real trees, not just evergreen’s.  But the contrast in colors is amazing.

Here are some of the sights on our way there.

The town of Nederland is really cute.  Tiny, but cute.  There are a lot of small antique & gem shops, along with touristy things.

And finally, Matt pointed out one of my favorite things to take pictures of…run down abandoned buildings.  Nederland had a gem.


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