New House

Yeah, so, we’ve been in our new house for over a month now.  It’s bittersweet & I’m having a slight harder time adjusting than I thought.


Moving out of the old house officially closed the “I don’t need no man to pay my bills” chapter of my life.  Although I still don’t need no man to pay my bills I’m thrilled to have that man in my life & to have bought a house, that is in every sense, ours.  I’ve even let him have a room for his prized books.


As much as living in a cul-de-sac full of kids & life is amazing, along with all the extra space of our new house – I miss the cozy of our old.  You know, nothing says “hey, I’m home” like hearing every noise from everything in the house from any corner of the house.  Or being able to see what’s going on with anyone/thing at any moment from any spot in the house.


Not to say where we lived before wasn’t “suburban”, but it really was more city living.  I’m not really sure what I was thinking or if I was in denial, but our new house is the definition of suburbia.  It’s fantastic, but depresses me on a certain level & I’m not sure why.  We’ve only been there for a month, and there feels like so much of a community, it’s awesome.  Everyone is welcoming, there are kids Link’s age everywhere – but you know, all the moms stay home (except me – ‘cuz I don’t need no man to pay my bills…duh!) and they all have mini-vans (lucky ladies…).  So what’s the problem you might ask?  I’M NOT SURE.  In a weird way, I feel like I’m counting down the days until Link starts college so Matt & I can move into a high rise in the sky, downtown, in the middle of the action.


Until then, I’m going to enjoy this part of my life.  I’m going to enjoy having moms in the neighborhood with similar interests, well actually, I’m going to enjoy having moms in the neighborhood in general (sorry grandma’s in our hold ‘hood), I’m going to love watching Link ride his bike through the neighborhood without worrying about him getting hit by a car, I’m going to enjoy a much shorter commute to work, I’m going to love finding new places to eat, shop, & spa on our new side of town, and finally, I’m going to love watching Matt’s palms get sweaty & him twitch because I think we’re one step closer to my dream – a minivan.


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