New Year New Shtuff New Traditions

I started my new job on Tuesday.  So far so good.  I do have a complaint – the pens suck.  See exhibit A:


And I don’t need anything fancy.  My favorite are the clicky ones.  I brought some from home.  See exhibit B:

I guess the pens stinking can be replaced by a larger cube, nice desk chairs, & nice people. 

I’m working downtown, which is a whole new world.  I like the hustle & bustle & to see people outside all the time.  Getting to work isn’t to terrible.  Even though I’m a mile closer to my new job than my old job, it takes me an extra 10 min.  I hit a bit of traffic on the way along with driving clear across downtown (stupid stop lights).  But I’m lucky enough to have recieved a parking pass so that’s not an issue.  With everyday, I get a little bit better with finding my way to/from work (oh…and finding my car in the parking garage…its big).  OH!  And, like in every building downtown (so it seems), there is a convience store on the ground floor.  Can we say “expanding waist line”?  At least with a vending machine, the selection is smaller, and 85% of the time there isn’t anything in there I really want.  The convience store has everything.  Crap.  I also no longer get halfday fridays, which depresses me, but I’ll move on.

There seems to be a trend.  5 years ago I started at M-E Engineers on my birthday week.  And this year, I started M.E. Group on my Birthday Week.  Which brings me to a very valid question:

Is it my birthday week?  My birthday is on a Monday this year.  So is my birthday week the week before (this week)?  Or the week of (next week)?  Or is it just Monday-Monday & ends on my birthday?  I couldn’t figure out the answer, so I extended my birthday week into 2 weeks.  Birthday Week is my favorite time of year (close 2nd to Christmas).  So far, Matt has gotten me a new napsack & a lunch box.   I’m a lucky gal.  So spoiled.  Both are amazing and I LOVE.  Everyone in the world should celebrate their birthday week.


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