Not a good running partner

Last summer, Lucy was the best running partner ever.  She could rock 6 miles in 70/low 80 degree weather.  Keep in mind, she’d be tapped out by the end, AND, we’d have to stop for her to lay in the shade a few times (her scrunched up dog nose causes her to overheat easily), but she still was a great companion.  Now, I realize that after not running all winter, I can’t expect her to run all 6 miles again, right away.  But we’ve started off small, with our short 2.65 mile run to/from & around our local park.  The first few times this spring she made it, although was pretty slow at the end.  Last time, we had to walk for part of it.  Today, this happened:

She just tired out on me.  I sent matt that picture and said “we’ll be longer than usual”.

It was a hotter day than what we’ve been used to this spring (but only 60), so I just figured it was her usual “i’m over heated, let me lay in this cool grass for a bit” mentality.  So I did, and she got back up, but wouldn’t let me run.  She insisted on walking…and by walking, I mean at a snails pace.  I compared it to walking with a baby who just learned to walk – slow.  I’m not joking.   After about 10 min. of this shenanigans & a quick weather change (one minute it was a nice warm breeze, the next it was cloudy with a super chilly breeze), I called Matt to come pick us up.  I kid you not, Lucy recognized his car about a block away, and THEN wanted to run to his car, but she couldn’t get in & home fast enough to lay down.  She’s been lazy the remainder of the day. 

Maybe she’s more out of shape than I thought she was!  I feel a dog “get back into shape” training regimen is about to start.  Someone needs to shed a few winter pounds. I won’t say who, but she’s pictured in the above.


2 Responses to “Not a good running partner”

  1. Carrie says:

    POOOOR LUCY B!!!! I find it hilarious that Matt actually got in his car and DROVE to get her…. Did he try to give her a pep-talk before she got in?

    P.S. I think that osKar is still tired from their friday-night playdate. We hiked on Saturday and he hasn’t moved much since.

  2. BethAnn says:

    So I knwo you told me about this, but this picture of her makes me laugh outloud…..”we’ll be longer than usual.” Oh Lucy. Sadly, this would be like taking me running now.

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