NRA Approved

This week Matt & I (with our friends Brad & Michelle) took the NRA Basic Pistol Class, which suffices for your concealed carry permit.  It was a refresher for him, but all new to me.  I was really hesitant about going, I’m not big on guns.  And I still don’t LOVE them, but I could definitely go to the shooting range, that was fun!  And I feel better now that I know how to properly handle a gun.  Thursday PM consisted of the in class stuff, with an exam at the end.  Matt got a -0 and I got a -1.  Not a complete fail!  Then yesterday, we got up at 6:30 am to meet out at the range at 8:00 am (the high during that time was 22…brr…).  I had a blast.  They had us use paper plates at targets.  I didn’t do TO bad for my first time shooting, I hit the targets 25 times (see below) – Matt only 24 (guess who’s taking in groceries & unloading them for the next 2 weeks?).

None of us did as AMAZING as Michelle, she didn’t miss ONCE.  She should be a sniper or something.

Here’s me, looking sexy at the range.


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