Lets talk numbers.  Numbers on the scale & numbers around my chest.


It’s no shocker the numbers on the scale are escalating at a rapid rate.  I gained 60lbs with Link.  That was with a lot of daily exercise & eating fairly well.  This time around, I’m not exercising as much or as hard and not eating as spectacular.  I’d love for the scale to not rapidly increase, but I feel like it’s in my destiny.  Even the month I tried extremely hard, I still gained 5lbs (which my dr. congratulated me on, apparently I gained 14lbs the previous month – win?).


I think of the weight I’ve gained so far, 30 of it has been in my boobs.  Holy smokes my boobs.  In August, I bought bigger bras, with room to grow.  I was busting out of them by end of September.  Last Saturday, I found the time to hit up Kohls and buy some bigger & less expensive ones.  Sunday AM I put one on, and it didn’t fit, how does that happen?  COME ON!  I did return them and found a better fitting bra…it’s only a 40DD (started at 34B/C).   I still have 2 months to go friends…TWO MONTHS!!


I miss my old bras.  I miss my old boobs.  I miss my old pants.  Please come back, please!?!?!?!


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