Oh Deer!!

I’m not sure why, but some of the best conversations between Matt & I come while at breakfast or to/from breakfast.
Yesterday, as we’re driving away from our favorite breakfast spot, in “uptown” (i.e. upper downtown where it is more residential than commercial downtown, but very “urban”).

C: Ohh…look at the drama over there…it requires TWO police cars w/ lights.

M: I wonder what’s going on?

C: I’ll gawk, you drive.

C: Oh!  Deer!

M: What???  That doesn’t explain the situation, can you elaborate.

Hits breaks to let deer cross street while police cars chase w/ lights on

M: Oh….DEER!   Not Oh Dear!

Self Titled "Urban Deer"

Matt assured me the officers were just chasing the deer to try & contain them until Animal Control could come & relocate them to the mountains..not to make the venison jerky.


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