Catie is a mad genius. No seriously, a mad genius, and everyone knows that a mad genius comes with their fair share of quirks. Catie’s are mostly the kind that are endearing, not the kind that will drive you nuts. Her seemingly ludicrous ideas, the ones in which Matt rolls his eyes, usually are the best. Catie’s laughter, personality and fearlessness are infectious. She plays sports with reckless abandon and is a joy to all who are allowed in her world. Catie will most often be found having a full blown conversation on the couch with our baby Lucy, the dog. Don’t worry, Catie does the dog’s voice too. It is all just Catie’s world and Matt is too scared to know what goes on in there.

Matt is a brilliant, very athletic, funny, hard working man. He also has that odd aura about him, one that makes people feel comfortable, therefore, he’s always having strangers tell him the STRANGEST things, things you’d only tell a close loved one. Matt is also tall…and bald. Although Catie now loves his bald head, she’ll be the first to admit it terrified her the first time she saw it. You can frequently find him rolling his eyes at Catie & humoring her crazy antics. His favorite things are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, golfing, and reading (his forever long time passion) – he’s the definition of a book worm-will read anything & everything, and does.

Born on a very cool mathematical date, 3/6/12, Link is the progeny of Matt & Catie. His bald head is reminiscent of his father and he clearly gets his cuteness from his mother. While still small, Catie is convinced he is going to do something great someday, he remains coy and refused to say a word to be quoted in this bio.

Lucy B (short for Lucy Brazzale Williams) is Matt & Catie’s first baby. Lucy B is an American Bulldog/Boxer mix, and has an ear from each breed to prove it. Her passions in life are snuggling, sun bathing in the backyard, strolling through the neighborhood & peanut butter.

Combined, they are an easy going & slightly on the geeky side fearsome threesome!

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the trenches…

October 21st, 2015

I’ve been back to work…oh…7 months this week.  It’s only been in the 4-6 weeks I’ve consistently NOT lost my mind in the evenings.

This was my typical day.

4:30am, wake up, work out, shower.

5:50am, wake Link up & get him dressed & started on cereal

6:10am, get Duke up fed & dressed

6:35/6:40, leave to drop boys off at daycare

7:00, get to work

7:00-4:30, work

5:15, get home & start dinner…with a super crabby baby & a toddler that wants to tell and show you EVERYTHING (mom! Look at this sweet ninja kick!  Mom!  Did you know I have five toes?  Mom!  You almost hit a racoon this morning!  Mom! Fix my train set!)

6:00, eat

6:30, clean up & let Duke take a cat nap

7:30, get Link ready for bed

8:00, feed Duke & put to sleep

8:30, make bottles for the next day, pack food for Duke, track down a clean water bottle for Link, make my lunch, & make Matt’s lunch.

9:00, go to bed to start the day over again.


I feel like I’m sort of starting to see the light at the top of the trench of parenting.

I have Duke on a better schedule & although this is how I typically spend after work w/ him (with a lot of whining), I’m able to get him to bed by 6:50/7pm.IMG_5499

Link is also doing much better at staying in his bed at night (thank you quarters for a reward!).  He is usually in bed by 8pm.


And now that Duke is eating all table food at school, I no longer need to pack him food.  I know that sound silly, because it doesn’t take THAT much time to pack him things, but it’s just one more thing.


I know you’re all “so what’s the point?”


THE POINT!  I’m back to having evenings to myself.  I get a whole 1-1.5 hours to myself before bed to unwind.  I’m binge watching Gossip Girl right now.  Anyone else???


Now if only I could get rid of bottles.  Making/cleaning bottles are the bane of my existence right now.  I’m not wishing away time, but I am wishing away evening bottle making.  ACK!


Just a few pictures of the boys (Link isn’t into his picture taken right now, so I have to sneak it in).






Summer 2015

September 22nd, 2015

We had a fairly uneventful summer.  Lots of bike riding, bounce house jumping, & outdoor time.  IMG_5271









Mimi came to town

September 4th, 2015

to help me organize my house…I need all the help I can get!


We also took the boys to the zoo.




Don’t be fooled by Link – he loves when Mimi comes.  He just hate pictures.



8 months!!

September 4th, 2015

Yeah, I’ve not been good at updating about poor Duke.

He’s 8.5 months now & awesome.  Working hard on becoming a heavy-weight champion.  Kid doesn’t miss a meal, or snack, or crumb.  He’s incredibly sweet.




First Week of Preschool

September 3rd, 2015

now that we are halfway into the second week of preschool….


Last Monday one Links way to school w/ Matt, Matt asked him how his first week went.


M: Link, do you like preschool?

L: yes!  They have computers

M: Do you like Ms. McConnell?

L: No…she’s mean

M: what do you mean?

L: She doesn’t listen to my words.

M: Do you listen to her words, like you’re supposed to?

L: with ‘the look’ & a sigh “yes dad, ALL.DAY.LONG.”
The goods news is I asked him this Monday if he likes his teacher yet, and he has consistently responded with yes 🙂


If you ask me if I like it…I’m not sure.  I just thought it’d still be a lot of play yet, more of like a structured/educational daycare facility (since that’s where he’s at).  But it’s way more structured & way more hardcore/school setting.  -I- wasn’t ready for that!






Like Mother Like Son

August 12th, 2015

Matt & I joke that Link may look just like him, but he is my personality – we’re mostly on the same wavelength (laugh at the same stuff, sensitive about the same stuff, annoyed by the same stuff…)


Driving home last night, Link starts to freak out.



It took about 6 renditions of this:


Me: Bud, deep breath, I can’t understand you.  Slow down, stop screaming, & speak like a big kid.

before I thought I heard the phrase “Mommy!  I have food in my nose!”

Me: Did you just say you have food in your nose?

Link:  Yes *whine*

Me: How did it get there?

Link: I put it there (love his honesty).


I couldn’t help but smile…because, you know, there was that one time I put a “fuzzy” up my nose.  And it rotted.  And I smelled HORRIBLE.


Thankfully, I’m sure granola is biodegradeable, not to mention, about 5 min. later down the road he says “I think I got it mom!”

Me: “oh, great!  Put it in this wipe”

Link: “I can’t, it’s on the floor with my boogers”


Facial wounds bleed they say…

July 6th, 2015

…and that’s no lie.


Wednesday PM Link came downstairs after I put him to bed – you know, the typical stalling technique…”mama!  I heard a noisey noise!”…”mama, i need to ask you questions”…”mama, I forgot Lightning McQueen”…”mama, rub my feet please!”.


I, admittedly, was super annoyed.  Duke never cries, but Wednesday night, he was screaming, unless I carried him a certain way, patted his butt, & walked him around.  I didn’t have the patience for Link’s game.  I told him to go back to bed.  He asked me to rub his feet, I said no.


I watched him walk up the stairs and take a left into his room.  I got to the kitchen (about 10 steps) and I hear him crying.  I tried to ignore it, because this is part of the game.  Cry until mom gives in & comes & rubs his feet, ONE.LAST.TIME.


As I paced the living room trying to console Duke, his cries turned into screams.  OK KID! (stop judging, I’m weak & worked, I’m admitting this…first step right?).


I walked into his room to this (forgive his booger)…






Mind you, now I have a screaming baby & a screaming toddler…and matt isn’t home.

I got Link into the tub to wash him off & look at his mouth…and also called my neighbor, because, it takes a village, obviously.  She’s amazing.

After I was able to get a quick glimpse of his lip, I decided to take Link to urgent care, it was a pretty wide gap in his lip.

We waited in the Children’s Hospital waiting room…for an hour.


And then we waited in our room for an hour.


And then the MD came in and took a look.  She explained that his lip looked pretty yucky, but good news!  Mouth wounds heal amazingly, and because it didn’t go through his cheek, no stitches were necessary.  He also managed to give himself a “large laceration” on his gum – how???  Matt & I are still wondering.

ARE.YOU.KIDDING.ME??????  I WAITED 2 HOURS FOR YOU TO LOOK 20 SECONDS & TELL ME YOU’RE DANDY! GO HOME!” Even your fancy Children’s Hospital App told me I needed to head in (along w/ your discharge papers).  Lets just say, I no longer felt guilty about making 3 glove balloons and didn’t feel bad when Link asked for two band aids.   It’s the least they could do.

This is his mouth Thursday night – it still looks so gross (forgive the chocolate ice cream on his face).


We had a reinjury to it on Friday night, but thankfully we got it to stop bleeding pretty quick & ice cream stopped the tears.


6 months

July 2nd, 2015

Duke is 6 months already.  He’s so awesome.  Incredibly happy & easy going.  Teachers at daycare stop into the infant room just to say hi to him & get a big smile.

We started him on solids a week before his 6month birthday.  I probably should have done it sooner, but you know, life.  The kid was ready.  He was born to eat.  I feel like Link is our athlete & Duke will be our eating competition champ.  Both things to be proud of.

Duke is lazy, I say this nicely & lovingly.  He CAN roll over, and by can, I mean has done it a few times, but mostly just choses to lay his head on the floor & scream.  We’re still working on sitting.  He’s improving everyday, but can NOT be trusted.  Also, if you put a boppy behind him when he’s sitting, he automatically lays down, puts arms out, smiles & lounges – true man.



IMG_4565 IMG_4627


Carbon Monoxide

May 1st, 2015

This was our house last Wednesday (or technically Thursday) at 2:30am…


At 1:30, our smoke alarm/carbon monoxide detectors started going off.  Matt & I went through & reset them.  Only to have them go off again.  Because they are hard wired, removing the batteries was pointless.  In the course of an hour, it kept happening.  First it would say “fire!  fire!” and then it would say something along the lines “carbon monoxide detected”.  An hour later, after continuing to silence the alarms and in between both Matt & I googling our fire/CO alarms to troubleshoot…we thought “what if it really is carbon monoxide?”.   We then decided to call the non emergency line, which instructed us to call 911.  Totally lame.  “hi…I think it’s a false alarm, but our CO detectors keep going off.  Can you send somebody to please come check it out?”.    Yeah…  We needed to evacuate the house – awesome.


Turns out, we had a faulty detector that was triggering the other detectors.  It’s in the trash can & we’ve had no drama since.  I should probably replace it :/


This is Link’s recap (it was so random, he just started spouting it off)

Daddy wake me up.  I went outside &  I were crying.  The fire trucks come & saved our house!  The fire truck not scary & the dark not scary.

Right after this, I was bringing him back upstairs to go back to bed.  Matt said “Good night buddy, I love you!”

Link turned around & with pure conviction said “dada!  Don’t wake me up again!”.
Amen brotha!


Also…sorry to our neighbors who had the fire trucks lights shining in their bedroom windows.  Have they no courtesy?


4 Months

April 26th, 2015

Happy 1/3 of a year little dude.


Duke is becoming such a fun & interactive little boy.  He talks…A.LOT.  I mean…a lot!  Tons of smiles and giggles too.  I’m loving it.

At his one month appointment, I asked his pediatrician about his grunting, because the kid grunted 24/7 when wasn’t asleep.  I mean, it was ridiculous the amount of grunting he did.  He was sooooooooo noisey.   His pediatrician said it was a good thing, grunting is one of their first forms of communication.  I came home from his appointment & told my mom.  We joked that he’ll probably be a talker.   It’s no longer a joke.  The kid is SO talkative.  Even daycare has commented on it.  He talks to the other kids a lot and “sings” when they play music.   It’s so adorable.  My face often hurts from how much he makes me smile.