Pants on Fire?

Conversation today…with matt…while in my cube…trying to stifle my laugh & the tears.

M: Oh…i’m so glad you picked up, i have a funny story
C: do share!
M:  I almost had to leave the office w/o pants today

C:  Did you poo your pants or something?
M: Not quite

C: go on

M: I was at Eric’s office & had to use the restroom.  Its a single restroom.  And as I was sitting there, I saw a candle & thought I’d light it.  Well, the match started to burn my finger & while shaking it out, I dropped it….in my pants.  I was leaning over to blow it out, but it wouldnt’ blow out.  All I could think about was my pants were going to start on fire.  I could have stomped it out, but that would have required taking off my shoes, then my pants, then putting my shoes back on.  By then, my pants would FOR sure be on fire.  So I kept blowing, in a panic. 

*insert muffled hysteric laughing by C*

M: I finallygot it out.

C: Do we need to buy you new pants?
M: No, they just have a burn mark..they’re fine.

moral of the story – never light a candle with your pants down.


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