Parenting Fail

At Link’s 18 month apt. his pediatrician warned me that the average age for boy’s to be potty trained was around 3.  Cool.  I’m mentally prepared for 3, especially since he is not even aware (or doesn’t care) that the entire house stinks because of him.


Fast forward to this AM.  He was up at 4am (which is a whole ‘nother Oprah) which lead me to have some free time – so I was folding laundry.  Link was in my bedroom helping.  I started to smell something a bit funky & he started acting weird.  So I just casually said “Link, are you going poop?”…he looked at me.  I then said “did you want to try & go on the potty?”.  He shook his head yes & went & sat on the potty & filled his pants…


What did I do?  I continued to fold laundry.




I basically just taught my kids it’s totally ok to crap your pants, as long as you’re sitting on the toilet.


Here’s the thing…I’M NOT READY.  Let me repeat-I’M NOT READY!!!  I didn’t think he’d honestly even care that I asked him to sit on the potty.  I’m not even prepared.  I mean, I don’t even have wipes by the toilet.  Plus, is it really realistic to think I was going to get his footie PJ’s & diaper off in time?  NO!




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