Potty Training

I decided we should tackle potty training this weekend – you know, since I had a 4 day weekend.


I was about to go in blindly, but my neighbor was kind enough to send me the “3 day potty training” method last minute.  I read up on that Wednesday night and we were off to the races Thursday.


Thursday consisted of many accidents and a lot of “Link, is your underwear clean & dry?”  & “please let mommy or daddy know if you have to use the potty”.  By the end of Thursday night, I had repeated myself so much, I wanted to eye roll myself.


Friday we had a few success’, but mostly more accidents.


Saturday, day three, when they should be getting it, was awful.  Link basically was defiant all day & ignored whatever Matt & I said (even if it wasn’t about potty training).  Matt & I both took turns having parent time outs – seriously, it was awful.  I guess we should have expected it, after all, we were all cooped up in the house together for three straight days.  NEVER.AGAIN.  It’s not for the weak.


I know the potty training method should take three days, and I was about to throw in the towel this AM (start of day 4) & try again in a month.  However, I thought, “heck, we’ll see how the AM goes”.  It went AWESOME.  Link wore the same pair of underwear ALL DAY.  That means no accidents.  He even told us he had to go, without us reminding him much.  I’m way proud of him.


I am feeling way more confident about this whole process.
Now onto a bigger challenge – daycare.  They were the ones who really encouraged us to try, so I’m sure they’ll be on their game tomorrow.  With that said, I’ve packed 12 pairs of underwear, 2 extra pairs of socks, 6 pairs of pants, & a couple of shirts (you never know with a penis, those things are crazy & get pee everywhere if not careful!).


Now that I’m thinking about it, I should probably throw in more socks & an extra pair of shoes…..


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