Reason #7489

Matt & I are awesome parents…


I’m determined to like Sushi.  It’s one of Matt’s favorite things.  Saturday night we met friends for Sushi & I tried a variety of things, most made me gag.  On the way home, Matt & I were discussing it…


M: So, we found out you like tuna

C: Yes, but only RAW tuna

M: yeah, tuna in a can is barfy.

C: no kidding…thinking about tuna salad makes me want to gag – B & I used to BEG dad to let us eat in the toy room on tuna salad night, that way we could feed it to Willy, the cat.

M: I hate mayonnaise & tuna in a can.

C: do you know what that means?

M: No…

C: Link is one lucky boy – he will never be subjected to Tuna Salad, at least by us

M: that makes us awesome parents

C: yup….


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