Redemption….sweet redemption

I don’t know if you remember last year, but we never made it to get pictures with Santa.  I guess we lost track of time with an early family Christmas & then having Duke.  I felt fully motivated to take the boys Christmas Eve Day.  When we got to Bass Pro Shop, the “ticket” they gave us was for 2pm, the earliest they had.  That was 2 hours from when we got there.  Unfortunately, we didn’t wait around 2 hours.  I was beyond disappointed.


Thankfully, my sister in law is a rockstar & kept the “ticket”, in case we could use it again this year.  I was lucky & they used the same tickets they did last year this year (as I’m sure every year).  Ironically, Christmas Eve Day was the only day I had time to take them again this year.  I made sure we showed up at 1pm, you know, JUST IN CASE.  We were one of the first in line.  Awesome.  I felt a little guilty, because after talking with the lady in line behind me,  she said they sold out of tickets for the day at 10:30am (they opened at 10 am!).  I was a little nervous in line because everyone else ticket had a white sticker on it – ours did not.


Link & Duke stayed busy in line by snacking & coloring.IMG_5958




Then!  IT was time.  Santa Time!  Link, of course, loved it.  Duke, well, he got coal for Christmas.


If anyone has a Bass Pro Shop near, I highly recommend their Santa Workshop.  Lots to do!  Coloring, games, & activities.





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