*I started this post 4 months ago, its about time I publish it*


This is a more serious post, but I feel like it’s something no one ever talks about, but maybe we should more often.  I also know not everyone feels this way, but a lot of women I talk to do, and they wonder the same thing I do – why is it never talked about?  It’s about becoming a mom & finding your new groove, if it’s even out there to be found.


Just when I felt like I was coming into my own self, I had a baby, and my world got flipped upside down, and then spun around in a blender for extra umph.  Losing my old self was a really harsh reality for me and a lot of moms (new and old).   Not only are you required to figure out what this baby wants at this very moment, but you’re also trying to find the new you – you know, the one that combines you’re old fun & free self with the one that now finds humor in baby poop-plosions (tell me again how it’s possible for them to get poop all the way up their back to the head & ruin and outfit, and yet, have non on their butt???  Poop houdini’s these babies are!).  You no longer have time for things you once loved like cycling, tennis, and running (without the dog + baby in jogging stroller), not to mention all of your household chores, such as darning the holes in your socks, are piling up.  Your mom comes to visit, and tells you live in filth…it’s awesome.


Thankfully, with time,and I mean, lots of time, you find a rhythm and you manage life (mostly day to day, sometimes week to week, but not minute to minute like it used to be) and fitting in a shower for the day no longer becomes such a huge task.


I have come to realize I will never be the same person I was, but I’m working on becoming a refurbished & better person – it’s still forming. I’m pretty sure this is going to be a life long project.  So strap on your rocket shoes, we’re in for a whirly ride.



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  1. Andrea says:

    Well said! I think it’s a never ending process – one that is sometimes beautiful and sometimes really painful. Good thing these adorable little creatures are worth it (most days!) : )

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