San Antonio – why are your colors so bright?

After a wild goose chase to a job site today (that was really a school, not the medical office building that it was supposed to be) I found myself in a very Hispanic neighborhood.  I’m going to preface this with – stereo types wouldn’t be stereotypes if they weren’t true.  I knew I was in a predominately Hispanic neighborhood due to the large amount of F-150’s & Chihuahua dogs running around…oh, and most things were in Spanish.


I loved this area and I wish I would have brought my camera.  I had to call matt & tell him that this part of San Antonia is Texas’ version of Vegas (for my anyways).  Hear me out.


Over Thanksgiving, I posted about the lights of Vegas.  How during the day, they aren’t on, and I feel like I’m not missing anything, but in the evening, when they are bright & flashing, it’s a whole other story!!   I found myself wanting to go into EVERY ESTABLISHMENT in Vegas at night, even though I knew it was a strip club or someplace I didn’t want to be.  But the lights…oh the bright flashy lights, they draw you in & make you feel like you’re missing out if you don’t at least step inside the door to see what its all about.


This area of San Antonio didn’t have the lights, but they had bright & vibrant colors…and huge signs.  I wanted to go into the local markets, pawn shops, bakeries, and restaurants.  I laughed at myself as I was driving by a tamales restaurant.  I don’t even really like tamales, but the building was BRIGHT YELLOW and it said “delicious tamales”. I seriously almost stopped.  I thought (and still think)  – how could I not love a tamale from there?  I feel like I missed out on so much not going into all the very attractive places.


If I ever go into business, I’m taking lessons from this neighborhood – bright colors & huge signs – it makes it SO tempting to stop in & see what its all about.


On a completely different note – I’ve had an urge to start knitting again.  After starting back up on Saturday night, I was quickly reminding why my knitting things are collecting dust in the closet.  I’m determined to knit a hat, it seems so simple, but it’s not turning out right (please help mom!).  Apparently Lucy feels the same way.



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