Saving Lives

I classify all spiders into 2 categories.  If it’s brown, it’s clearly a brown recluse.  If it’s black, it’s a black widow.  You can’t take any risks people.  It is a running joke at our house & in the office.


Last Wednesday, I was leaving work for the holiday weekend.  I took the stairwell down to the first floor when I saw this giant black spider on the wall.  I knew exactly what it was instantly.  Everyone in the office, except for J was gone for the Thanksgiving.  She needed to witness this, so when I told everyone else on Monday, they would believe me.  I sent her a text with a picture saying “legitimately think this is a black widow”.  J came down & knocked it off the wall for me – and there it was, the red hourglass shape on it’s belly.  I stomped on it & kicked it outside.
I saved everyone in my office building a horrible death by black widow.  That, my friends, is something to be thankful for.





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