its mostly about a sandwhich

I guess this is my official coming out to the world, except I’m not sure who I’m coming out to.  My mom already basically told my family that I’m pregnant…and most of our friends already know…and who else reads my crap?  Anyways, if you didn’t already know, and keep thinking “wow…catie has gained almost all the weight back that she lost…she doesn’t look smokin’ hot & fit anymore”  Eh..well, good news, I’m not bloated, I’m pregnant!  Yiiipppeee!!


So far, so good.  The first couple of weeks I might have uttered these words “Mom!…if this is what it’s like to be pregnant, I’m not having anymore children”.  This…coming from the mouth of a lady who once wanted 6 kids.  Fortunately, everyone is right, your mind has a funny way of making you forget how horrible it once was, and it does get better.  Although I still have days of nausea and am dead asleep by 9:00pm (on a good night) and am almost constantly eating, I’m not so miserable anymore and have gone back to wanting 6 kids.


I found out this week that Panera is NOT pregnant lady friendly…unless your just going to eat their french onion soup, which is only mediocre anyways.  Word on the street is that you should avoid cold lunch meat & the sorts…something about it carrying listeria.


Imagine my excitement last week when the ladies at work decided we’d go to Panera for lunch.  I’ve been DYING for the Bacon Turkey Bravo sandwich – my ULTIMATE favorite sandwich.  *mouth waters*.


This is my conversation w/ the Shift Manager…his name was probably Dudley or something.

C: Hi!  I’d like the Bacon Turkey Bravo.  Is it possible to heat up my turkey?

SM: *talking really slow* Uhh…well…technically…i guess we could do it..but..its not really easy

C: Hmm…well…see this pudge right here, that’s my unborn child, and cold lunch meat might kill it.

SM: yeah, see, we don’t have a microwave, except for that one over there, by the coffee out on the floor.

C: oh, well great!  Can you just heat my turkey for 30 seconds in that & then slap it on my sandwich?”

SM: ummm…

C: Fine!  I’ll take the Smokehouse Turkey Panini…make sure my meat’s warm

C: Oh…with a baguette…its a delicious vehicle to get butter in my mouth.

SM: That will be $7.46.


*sighs*  It maybe wasn’t THAT dramatic…


Anyways, for future reference Atlanta Bread Company heats meat, they have several microwave’s.  Their sandwich’s are not as delicious, but at least you won’t get Listeria.  That’s my PSA of the month.  *pats self on back*


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