Matt, Link & I took our first family vacation last week.  We flew to Seattle & spent a day there & then drove to Vancouver to spend another 3 days.  Link was an awesome traveler, but his parents might have been grump-a-saurus’ sometimes.  Overall, it was amazing!


Here is a recap on Seattle.  I think it was my favorite part of the trip.  We arrived right around lunch time & headed straight for The Public Market to see if we could see them throw fish.  This place is super interesting, but super busy & totally not stroller friendly.  We only ran over about 20 people, no biggie.IMG_1578

We ate lunch at a place in the Public Market with a great view of the water.  Link enjoyed pointing out boats, birds, boats, & more boats.


After lunch, we took a walk past the “gum wall”.  I nearly almost tossed the delicious cookie I just ate.  BARF.  I thought it would be a good idea to take a picture of Link next to it, but Matt was brilliant & decided we should leave him in the stroller, otherwise he might try to eat some of it.  *gag*



Next up was something I had never done before – the ferris wheel!  It was totally awesome & a great way to see the city.  It was also extremely nerve racking because Link liked to get right up to our “pods” door & pound on it…IT’S A LONG WAYS DOWN!!



We ended our day in Seattle with dinner at Salty’s.  It had a awesome view of Seattle & the food was amazing.  I tried out the “panoramic” feature on my phone to show the view we had!


We never made it to the Space Needle, but I’d love to go back, so be prepared Space Needle!!


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