Some people & their dogs

I was taking Lucy on our nightly stroll – on our usual route when this little rat dog (maybe a long hair chihuahua?) came running across the street to meet us.  Keep in mind, this happens probably 50% of the time.  This ugly rat dog follows you…  I’d say 25% out of the 50% times, the owner is there to call it back.  Today, not so much.  SO…I DRAGGED Lucy back to this dog’s house, so it would follow & I could return it.  I then stood on the front stoop with a steamy pile of dog poo in a bag in one hand, trying to contain Lucy with the same hand, and rang this guy’s bell 5 times, followed by some loud knocks.  Nothing.  So I continued on our walk, and the dog didn’t follow us.  That is, until we were almost all the way down the street when it came sprinting across the street toward us, dodging MOVING vehicles.  AAHHH!!  So I called Animal Control.  Just as I finished reporting the dog & was about to have them come out & pick it up, the owner came out & called the dog.  The dog ran back to the owner, looked at him, and then darted back down & across the street ALMOST GETTING HIT.AGAIN.  I drug Lucy back to the guy’s house with small rat dog in tow.  Then this conversation happened:

Catie (in a calm voice): Just to let you know, I just got off the phone with Animal Control.  And although I canceled my complaint, next time I won’t & your dog will be picked up & brought to the pound and/or you will be cited.

Man: That wasn’t necessary

Catie: I do believe it was, your dog was not under control or leashed, which is a violation in Lakewood.

Man: Well, it still wasn’t necessary, there should be different laws for different sized dogs.  See, my dog is small & isn’t viscious, your dog is big.

Catie:  My dog is a MEDIUM sized dog, and she also isn’t vicious.  She is also sitting here at my side obeying, being a contained dog, AND a nice dog.

*insert yip at Lucy from small dog*

Man: Well ma’am, I don’t think you should have called.

Catie: I DO think I should have called.  I was looking out for your dogs safety.   Your dog followed my dog & I, and didn’t have intentions of going back to your house.  Not to mention it almost got hit by TWO cars, you witnessed one.  Did you want it to get hit by a car?  Did you want it to follow me home & be lost?

Man: Well you should have let me know.

Catie: i DID let you know, I rang your bell & knocked on your door for 5 minutes.

Man: Well I didn’t hear it.

Catie: Sorry you didn’t hear it, that isn’t my problem, nor is your dog.


He seriously mad me reconsider calling Animal Control & having them give him a citation.


Not to mention, Lucy pulled so hard on her chain trying to play with this dog, that she made herself short of breath, which caused her to lay in the grass for 5 min.  THE INSANITY.


I know in the name of this preacher, I should F-him...but I’m to0 annoyed right now.  Maybe after I have dinner.


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