Link is talking up a storm, and it’s just as awesome as I’d hoped.  He’s hysterical.  Link mostly talks to you about golf & cars.


Conversations with him are getting better, but not quite there & the subject matter could use some work.
Example 1:
Last night while Matt was putting him to bed he let out a giant man fart.

after a few giggles Matt says: “Link!  What do you say?” (we’re working hard on the importance of manners)

L: “Thank you dada”

M: *giggles* “no bud, you say excuse me”

L: “Oh!  ‘cuse me dada!”


Example 2:

I walk into his room to get him up from a nap

L: “mama, I poo-poo”

Me: “Great!  Is it sinky?”

L: “ small poo-poo”

M: “awesome, I like small ones”

L: *giggles* “no mama, it big poo-poo”





I should start working on having conversations with him about pedicure colors and sewing.



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