The Big One

My dad caught the big one…and I can’t get over it (I know there are bigger fish to catch, but seriously, he did awesome for a walleye).

For example – today, I’m driving Matt to the airport

M is talking about important real estate stuff.

C: Babes, sorry this is totally off subject…but I can’t stop thinking about my dad’s huge fish.  Holy smokes!

M: It was a big fish
C: yeah…huge.  I’m so stoked for him, and I wasn’t even there!  Ok, back to real estate.


Dad, that fish needs to be mounted & placed on the wall above the dining room table – I don’t care what mom says.  It’s not every year (or any of your almost 61 29 years) you catch a fish that huge.  I bet it has a great story.  Probably along the lines of how you & Jim had to cut a hole bigger in the ice, just to get its massive body out and Jim almost fell in trying to help you pull it up, how it’s so huge, you had to special order a cooler to keep it in for your drive home, and how all the locals bought you a few rounds for catching the biggest fish in the lake – the one they have all been trying to get for years.  The grand kids are going to think you’re a fishing legend.


Good work dad!  I couldn’t be prouder.


Forgive the lack of picture quality. Apparently old fart fisherman don't hire professional photographers, not even for the once in a lifetime huge fish...they use their blackberries instead.


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  1. BethAnn says:

    I’d like to point out the Marquette shirt in the background….DEFINITELY the good luck charm. Good also to know that he chose that shirt as a “I’m gonna get full of fish guts so I’ll wear this Marquette shirt” shirt.

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