The Big

Link is becoming such a funny dude.

Today they were able to bring their favorite stuffed animal to class.  He chose Lola, the MALE giraffe.  When he got to class, Ms. V (she’s from South Africa) asked him what he brought.  He showed her his giraffe, she then said “Link, did you know Giraffe’s come from where I’m from?” and he said to her “You’re from the zoo?”


Last week, I went to pick him up from school and they were out on the playground.  He shouted “mom!  Look!  I have an ice pack”.  I just smiled…whatever dude.  His teacher then proceeds to tell me he was in line waiting to go outside when he bent over to moon his friends and another boy pushed him & he smacked his head on the wall.  Oh dear heavens…  I couldn’t help but laugh, and sort of serves him right.


After Link powers through his after church doughnut, we rush to the front of the church where the “church busses” are waiting to bring people to their respective nursing homes – every week he insists on jumping on & saying hi.



Link likes to push Duke in the stroller into Church.  Last week he told me I didn’t need to help guide him because Optimus Prime will show him the way (since he can barely see over the top).  I had to help him a bit anyways seeing as Optimus Prime can also barely see past the folded canopy.








Last weekend at a friends birthday party, there was a man making balloon animals.  He couldn’t ask for a sword, flower, or dog – he needed to be a dinosaur.  This kid.



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