The Car Wash

Saturday AM after my workout at the gym, I usually stop at 7-11 for a coffee for myself & a diet coke for Matt.  I’m an awesome wife & get him the double big gulp (or a terrible wife for pumping him with so much diet coke).


I placed the double big gulp in the cup holder & drove the last 5 minutes back to the apartment.  When slowing down to make a left into our complex, the entire double big gulp fell out of the cup holder & onto passenger side car mat.  I seriously have NO CLUE how this happened.  I didn’t come to a quick halt, literally, just slowing down enough to take a left turn.

That basically sealed the deal about getting my car to the car wash.  It had been on my mind for a few days because the inside needed a vacuum, but lets be honest, I often can’t be bothered w/ driving to the car wash & sitting there for 20 min (why?  I have no idea!).  The last time we brought Link to the car wash, he thought it was neat, so I was pretty stoked to have a mommy/Link outing with him to the car wash.  We talked about it the entire way there.


We pull up, get out, & walk inside & watch the guys rinse the car off through the window.  Then, panic sets in & for the next 20 min. Link is softly crying “mama car…mama car…” in a very worried tone.  No matter what I did (and what complete strangers said) to try & reassure him they were not taking our car or hurting it, it didn’t help.  He just sat at the window & watched the entire time and then outside he watched the car like a hawk as they vacuumed it & cried “mama car…mama car…”
It was the saddest thing ever & most of my heart melted over his genuine concern for my car.  He is a mama’s boy through & through.


car wash

Somewhere along the route to the car wash, I ran over a nail & my tire started to deflate at a rapid speed.  I decided it would be best to just head to the shop on the way home & get it fixed.  We had the same theatrics there, even though they put the car on the  jack closest to the waiting room with the large window for Link to watch over it.  It didn’t help.  Thankfully, they had plenty of magazines with cars & motorcycles to look at to keep his mind off what harm they could possibly be doing to my car.




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