The end is near….



Last Friday this happened:

for sale

Which led to Matt & I feverishly decluttering, cleaning, & organizing our house so it could be staged on Monday.  This is what our weekend looked


 I’m not sure how, but we did it.  And this was the end result (I wish I had pictures of every room, because it’s awesome):

living 1

All of our hard work must have paid off.  The house went on the market around 2pm on Tuesday, we had our first showing at 9am on Wednesday & an offer in hand by 11am on Wednesday.  Everyone told us it would go quick, but we thought w/in 30 days quick, not within 21 hours quick.


Unfortunately, the guy backed out on Friday, so the house is back in action.  We have several showings lined up, despite Christmas.  I am disappointed, but not discouraged.  However, I had finally moved all the furniture back to where it’s more “livable” and now we’re back to a funky layout & constantly keeping the house tidy.


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