the head goes thud

Link made his very first trip to Urgent Care last night.


He fell from his car seat that was in the van onto the concrete – head breaking the fall – yesterday AM at daycare.  When I picked him up last night, he was typical happy go lucky Link, but I was still worried.  Not to mention my Children’s Hospital App said I should bring him to the ER if he’s fallen from a dangerous height of 3’+ and if he has a watery liquid coming from his nose and/or ears.  They also had a few other things, but those were the 2 that pertained to Link (how do you tell if a non verbal kid has blurred vision or slurred speech?).  After much deliberation, because he was acting fine, I decided to call Children’s ER, they recommended I bring him in, within the hour….  Uh, I just started dinner peeps – mama has to eat & Lucy needs to walk.    Off we went (dinner was still tasty at 800pm).

shortly after the incident

shortly after the incident


waiting for the doc - not sure why he was such a drooly mess yesterday (teeth?).  Part was drool, part was apparently snot running down his face.  My kid is gross.

waiting for the doc – not sure why he was such a drooly mess yesterday (teeth?).



The good news is Link checked out just fine & dandy – he just has some bruising & serious road rash.  I’ve been turning chicks away from our front stoop all night – they dig tough guys.


all OK!  Just waiting to release the beast.

all OK! Just waiting to release the beast.

Things I learned:

  • The forehead is the hardest (or thickest?) part of the head.  The Dr had never seen a bad outcome (and he claims he’s seen a fair amount unfortunately) from a bump on the forehead.
  • Signs of a concussion usually appear withing 2-6 hours of the incident
  • The pupils should act together – if you shine a light in the right eye, both the right and left pupil should get smaller & visa versa
  • Vomitting from a head bump is not due to being nauseous, its due to the brain relieving pressure (so you puke???)
  • Clear watery fluid running out of their nose + boogers in their nose = a cold coming on or teeth.  It does not = cerebral fluid leaking from their heads.
  • If a child lands on their face from a far distance, they worry more about their noses than their foreheads (there was reasoning, but Link was crabby & I forgot. I’d like to think it goes back to the self defense/karate move of using your palm to forcefully push up on their nose & they die…or pass out, I forget).


Considering he fell on the cement sidewalk Saturday night & smacked is forehead & Sunday AM he face planted on the hardwood floors ending up in a bloody nose, I’m looking at helmets with face masks for my kid.  Do they make hockey helmets in toddler size?  My kid is fearless and thinks there are no consequences.  I’m in trouble.


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