The Ladder Truck

I was going to write about my awesome & relaxing Christmas vacation in WI this week.  But after last night, I can’t make it the full focus of this blog.  In short, it was awesome.  Mom showed me how to be an awesome old lady 20 something year old and knit correctly.  I whipped out a hat in no time.  Its amazing when you have the right yarn, sized needles & know the knitting lingo how much more fun & easier knitting is.  Mom & I also put together a 2000 piece puzzle full of all sorts of different pretty shoes.  Both things, along with eating delicious food & seeing my family, made my trip amazing.  Aren’t you glad I summed that all up in a paragraph vs. drawing it out for a whole post?


I debated posting this, because its probably not nice to mock my neighbor.  But Connie (her name is changed to protect the innocent) gets the nickname “Crazy Connie” for a reason (side note – she is super sweet & means well).  The lady is CRAZY.   She runs a fine line between institutionally crazy & “I’m a wacky gal” kind of crazy.  In the short 3 years I’ve lived in my house, I probably have more than a dozen examples of her nuttiness (I could write a few blogs – or maybe 1/month for a few years).


Its approximately 8:30pm last night when I’m sitting at the kitchen table and got the bajeezus scared out of me because out of the corner of my eye I saw a man dressed in all dark park & walk in front of the house.  I know, you people are probably thinking “what’s wrong w/ that?”.  But when you live in a fairly safe neighborhood, but shenanigans is definitely not out of the norm & you aren’t expecting someone, it can kind of startle you.  I then saw his bright flashing lights (funny how I missed those initially).

C: Matt, a police officer w/ his lights on just parked in front of the house
M: Wha?
C: yeah, I saw him walk across the street…kind of odd

Soon this was the scene in front of our house – except it’s missing the 1 extra fire truck, ladder truck & you can’t see the ambulance (again mom, someday I’ll get to using windex on the windows).


C: Ohh…super drama.  I hope they aren’t going to Ada’s house! (she’s our sweet old neighbor, I was legitimately concerned right here)
M: It looks like he went into Connie’s house.

C: *chuckle* oh…Crazy Connie, I wonder what she did this time – I bet Jim (her husband) isn’t home.

C: ohh…the fire men are walking into her house all suited up with an axe & fire extinguisher

*Crazy Connie just NOW walks out of her apparently burning down house*

Approximately 3 minutes has passed & the officer is walking back to his car.

*Matt steps outside & asks him what is going on (I’ve finally trained him into becoming a nosy neighbor & getting the gossip on everything an informed member of the neighborhood).*

*Matt comes back into the house chuckling*

C: soo…what’s going on?
M: Apparently she filled her entire house up w/ smoke using the microwave.

C: That Crazy Connie!

C: I won’t lie babes, if our house is so filled with smoke that I need to call 911 – Lucy & I are calling from the sidewalk, after I grab a clean pair of underwear & socks.

M: Babes, that’s what any normal person would do, but she’s crazy…


You really need to hear all the other stories to maybe find the humor in this & realize that this is not surprising that she A) almost burned her house down via the microwave & B) called 911 for something that maybe opening a few windows might have solved.


Also, we picked Lucy up from the doggie hotel yesterday and she was so exhausted she didn’t care about her favorite men outside her house.  I even tried to tell her it was better than last time because they were in full uniform, not just fire pants, suspenders, & a t-shirt.



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