The Little

Duke is officially walking.  Woohoo!  However, if to many people are watching him or make a big deal of it, he lays down on the floor & plays dead.  God love him.


He’s a major mama’s boy and  the squeaky wheel with a vast vocabulary that consists of “uh-oh” (actually, that’s all he says).

You’re not paying attention to me mom?  Let me lay on the floor & cry really loud.

I’m done eating?  Instead of signing, let me yell really loud (even though you’re right next to me).

I’m hungry?  Let me make it known by whining & climbing your leg.

You didn’t provide me with my favorite food at this meal. I need a banana at each meal.  I will yell until it’s provided.

What is that mom?  I’ll point & say “di” or “da”.  If you don’t promptly answer me, I’ll yell it at you.


Duke is full of the snuggles and won’t turn down an opportunity to be held.  He still has a very jolly laugh, and even when crying, will laugh if you do something silly.  He is still, for the most part, a very happy little Dude.  The King of smiles.
Love this boy.











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