The Scoop

I had the opportunity this weekend to have dinner (a 3 hour dinner!) with my Uncle Howard.  He was in Colorado Springs for a Conference.  Fortunately, he requested Mexican food for dinner (one of our favorites).  Unfortunately, we aren’t familiar w/ Colorado Springs enough to know where a good one is.  So what does a girl do?  She goes to her best friends Google & Yelp.  The restaurant I chose ended up being just OK.  I personally think it was a disappointment & bland, but Howard insisted it wasn’t.  I guess anything’s a step up from Central WI Mexican food.  I have promised him next time he’s in Denver I will bring him someplace amazing – we have about 4 great Mexican places to chose from.


I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner with Howard.  He’s an uncle I don’t know that well, but he did marry us (thank you again.!)  He filled Matt & I in on the Hintzman Family History.  Howard is my mom’s youngest brother (out of 7 brothers…yeesh!).  That is one thing Howard & I have in common and take much pride in – being the youngest.  We tried to enlighten Matt (the oldest in his family) on why the youngest is so important (we’re cute, fun, keep life interesting, the world couldn’t function with out us, etc.)…but I don’t know that he bought it.  Or maybe, he was just jealous of us.  Regardless, being the youngest is ideal.


Stay the youngest Howard!!!




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