the trenches…

I’ve been back to work…oh…7 months this week.  It’s only been in the 4-6 weeks I’ve consistently NOT lost my mind in the evenings.

This was my typical day.

4:30am, wake up, work out, shower.

5:50am, wake Link up & get him dressed & started on cereal

6:10am, get Duke up fed & dressed

6:35/6:40, leave to drop boys off at daycare

7:00, get to work

7:00-4:30, work

5:15, get home & start dinner…with a super crabby baby & a toddler that wants to tell and show you EVERYTHING (mom! Look at this sweet ninja kick!  Mom!  Did you know I have five toes?  Mom!  You almost hit a racoon this morning!  Mom! Fix my train set!)

6:00, eat

6:30, clean up & let Duke take a cat nap

7:30, get Link ready for bed

8:00, feed Duke & put to sleep

8:30, make bottles for the next day, pack food for Duke, track down a clean water bottle for Link, make my lunch, & make Matt’s lunch.

9:00, go to bed to start the day over again.


I feel like I’m sort of starting to see the light at the top of the trench of parenting.

I have Duke on a better schedule & although this is how I typically spend after work w/ him (with a lot of whining), I’m able to get him to bed by 6:50/7pm.IMG_5499

Link is also doing much better at staying in his bed at night (thank you quarters for a reward!).  He is usually in bed by 8pm.


And now that Duke is eating all table food at school, I no longer need to pack him food.  I know that sound silly, because it doesn’t take THAT much time to pack him things, but it’s just one more thing.


I know you’re all “so what’s the point?”


THE POINT!  I’m back to having evenings to myself.  I get a whole 1-1.5 hours to myself before bed to unwind.  I’m binge watching Gossip Girl right now.  Anyone else???


Now if only I could get rid of bottles.  Making/cleaning bottles are the bane of my existence right now.  I’m not wishing away time, but I am wishing away evening bottle making.  ACK!


Just a few pictures of the boys (Link isn’t into his picture taken right now, so I have to sneak it in).






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