This & That

Matt & I haven’t been up to terribly much lately.

We had a BBQ with some friends last Saturday & broke out the cornhole game.  Unfortunately, we left the bags outside and the squirrels go to them.  I’ll be spending some of my lunch break tonight finding new ones on craigslist (i love craigslist…).

Also, our favorite establishment on Sheridan, Motel Mexico, got a facelift.

Before:  Its hard to see, I, unfortunately, didn’t take a before picture, so google maps will have to work.  It used to be a lovely sea green with accenting pink.  It was also accompanied by a pretty fancy sign.

After: A really nice uplifting brown (seriously) and a freshly hand painted new sign. Unfortunately, its no longer “Motel Mexico” but Emily’s Aparments.  Yes…they forgot the “t” in apartments.  Do I write them to let them know???

Matt & I are in Winneconne today-sunday to spend time boating, eating, & relaxing with the family.  I can’t wait.  Its my 2nd favorite weekend of the year (my birthday weekend being my favorite…I think).


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