Today’s tantrum was brought to you by….

The idea of wearing a diaper.


Link’s tantrum go so out of control, when I came upstairs to see if he was ready to get his mind right & join society (Lucy & I) downstairs, he had rolled around & kicked so much, his “jam-jam” pants were off.  We all know not getting to wear his PJ’s is life shattering at our house.  (side note: I’ve figured out a good compromise, if I just change his diaper & put his PJ’s back on, he’ll let me change him into his clothes 10 min. later when he’s watching Cars.  It’s been working for us.)

Not today, today’s diaper tantrum went so long, there was no time to watch Cars before school, which meant I just had to bite the bullet, prepare for the worst, & get him dressed.  I literally had to pin him down to get him dressed (I might have gotten a heal to the chin once).  I was so sweaty by the time we were done.


We eventually compromised on Link getting to wear his PJ pants OVER his shorts until we got to school.  He was pleased with this compromise.  I half felt good about not having a screaming toddler & half felt bad, because let’s face it, I suck at parenting a 2 year old.


On my way to work/school this AM, I just reminded myself I will only need to have this daily battle for another 16 years.  Once he’s in college, I suppose if he wants to wear his “jam-jams” to school, I won’t have a choice (assuming he’s not living at home).  I just need to hang on for another 16 years.  I can do it.


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