two and a half

Although two and a half is proving to have its moments, I’m totally falling in love with Link all over again.  The kid cracks me up, even through both of our tears.


He’s been struggling with staying in his room at night after we put him down (and waking up at the butt crack of dawn, but that’s a different issue).  Wednesday PM’s is my night to call my BFF Susan.  A few weeks ago, I was on the phone w/ her when he got out of bed, so I put him back into bed and he said “mama, I need to hug your muscles”.  I thought it was odd, but he grabbed my right arm, hugged it w/ his arms & rested his head on my chest & then did the same w/ my left.  10 min. later he was out of his room again, so I brought him back to bed, covered him up & he said (CLEAR AS DAY!) “mama, I need to snuggle your nipples” and then proceeded to hug each boob.  He now can not just give me a hug, he needs to “snuggle my nipples”.  *sighs*.  I sure hope he doesn’t ask the daycare teachers this request before naptime.  :/


I know every mom says this, but I wish I kept better track of things he says & the conversations we have.  They are fabulous.  I couldn’t wait for Link to start talking & I have not been disappointed.


While drawing on his board Saturday, he turns & around & says to me: “No coloring on the floor!  My daddy ask me!”

color board

His comprehension is slowly getting there.  Because Link is 2.5, he struggles with reasoning.  We’ve been giving him good choices & bad choices, and he can pick his destiny.  It seems when he makes a bad choice, he sends himself into a never ending spiral down the drain.  Matt has instated the “thinking chair”.  I.E. he sits on the oversized chair in the living room until he “gets his mind right” (as I put it).


Last night we were facetiming Grandma, and when asked to say goodbye, Link said no.  Matt ended the call.  That set Link out of control, because he apparently DID want to say goodbye (even though when asked 3 times prior, he said no).  The kid couldn’t recover, so off to the thinking chair he went.  I think he spent 5 minutes in there raging before he was rational again.  We talked about why he was there, said our peace, hugged it out & went on our way.  5 min. later at the train table he says to me “I made bad choice & had to sit in the thinking chair until I got my mind right”.  I couldn’t help but smile.  Smile because he’s comprehending him & smile because it was so cute/funny to hear him talk about getting his mind right.


I seriously love this boy.


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