Universe, please align

Evenings are a struggle at our house.  When I pick Link up, he’s usually glad to see me, however, he is NOT glad that I take him home.  It’s usually a struggle to round him up and then he kicks & screams his entire way to the car.  Since the day he was born, he’s been tired and grumpy past 4pm – it hasn’t changed at 16 months, he’s still tired & grumpy (I don’t blame the kid).  If Lucy looks at him wrong or he falls over, the whining & crying becomes full force.  Don’t even get me started on dinner.  The boy doesn’t eat anything unless it’s fruit or the occasional pea, colby jack cheese, mac & cheese, or the rare chicken nugget – forget any other veggie, meat, OR food for that matter.  So yeah, to say the least, the 1-1.5 hours we have together every night after work aren’t always the most enjoyable, but we do our best.
When I arrived at daycare last night, Link not only was glad to see me, but he gave me a hug & then said “up”.  On our way to the car, there was no kicking & no screaming, but only babbles & giggles.  When we got home, he only got minorly frustrated with Lucy & her inability to control her liquor licker.  I was entirely pleased.   At that point, I figured regardless of how dinner goes, I’ll chalk that night up as a win.  Happy Evening: 3 – Grump-a-saurus:559


I put some tacos on Link’s plate w/ some mixed veggies along with a spoon.  While he was eating, I busied emptying the dishwasher (was waiting for Matt to get home so we could eat together, Link informed me his tummy couldn’t hold out another minute).  After a few minutes, I looked up & saw Link happily enjoying his taco/refried bean combo.  In fact, he enjoyed the small portion I gave him (no sense in wasting what he most likely won’t eat), I gave him more & he ate most of that also, all without a fuss.  I’m pretty sure he thought I was a lunatic as I constantly praised him & then made a big deal about him getting a “sweet treat” (i.e. strawberries) because he did so good eating his meat & veggies.


The remainder of the evening went awesome.  He was so happy & had so much energy.  It was a total relief  & breath of fresh air.  Maybe not ALL nights will be a battle.


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