One might use VA-VA-VOOM Voluptuous to describe other things, but I’m using it to describe my tomato plants this year.  As my mother said, its a bumper year.  BAM!  Take that mother nature.


You see, almost 3 years ago I bought my house.  The following spring I planted a humungous garden with a bunch of produce.  I got NOTHING, except more squash than anyone would know what to do with.  Total bust.


The following year, last year, I made a new garden – Brown Dog Lucy B Williams needed a taller fence, which caused my old garden area to no longer see much sun.  A 4′ foot fence was no match for her high jumping skills…girl has mad skills.  I’ll be entering her into the Dog Olympics Track & Field Category.  Anyways…I made a new garden, much smaller, & more manageable (although there was NOTHING to manage the year before).  Again, NOTHING…and by nothing, I mean nothing, not even squash.  Whatever.


This year, I reduced my garden to only 2 tomato plants.  No need in spending a lot of money on plants when I can’t get anything to grow.  I was determined to make these things grow.  I planted them on time, watered them, & told them how amazing they were – daily.  They were off to a slow start & I got nervous.  So I asked Kent, the green thumb @ The Home.  He said I needed to talk to them more & stroke them.  So by mid summer I was not only watering, telling them how amazing they were, but I was also stroking their leaves telling them they were gorgeous.  I sort of mocked Kent when he told me that…but the guy has great tomatoes every year, so how can he be wrong?  He can’t – AND HE WASN’T.  My tomatoes were on track again, growing big & plump.  I started to get a bit cocky, how could I not, I was proud, and my ‘matoes were looking AWESOME (Kent said so himself).


All was going fantastic, until mid July came, and it came with hail.  I really thought Mother Nature hated me.  The hail cleaned out over half of my plants…they went from full & luscious to thin & pathetic.  My dad & the internet said they are hearty & they’d come back…I had my doubts.    I implemented more watering, stroking & patience.


Low & behold, my plants came back awesomer (totally a word) than ever.  They are HUGE, and taking up a lot of space…I even had to tie them to the fence to hold them up.


Last week, I ran into Kent when I was home over lunch, and he said “what is going on w/ your tomatoes”

C: They are crazy out of control huh?  Help yourself…I can’t eat them all

K: I help myself everyday.  Look at these monsters.  What did you do?

C: I talked to them  & stroked them.

K: *chuckles*  I can’t get over how HUMUNGOUS they are.

C: I know…thanks!


My farming ancestors would be SO proud of me.

Mother Nature – 2

Catie – 1

Take THAT Mother Nature, I’m back on the board!


Matt doesn’t know it yet, but I’ve already been looking for a farm & combine to buy.  I’m moving onto bigger & better things next year.


Oh – P.S. I have more tomatoes than can possibly be consumed by my household, my neighbors, my office, & my friends.  Please come to my house, say hi, & pick a basket.  And if you don’t like tomatoes, please don’t come to my house, because you WILL be leaving with a baggy full.


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