After a day in Seattle, we took a road trip to Vancouver.  It really was only a 2.5 hour drive, but probably the longest Link has been in the car.  He did awesome, with a minor exception.

Matt won dad of the year several times on our road trip.  First was when he told me we were 30 miles from Bellingham, WA & we’d stop at the mall.  Being it 9:00am, i was all “uhh…ok?” & thinking “the mall is really random place to want to stop to stretch our legs, what’s wrong w/ the 7-11?”.  Then, it hit me when we pulled up to the mall at 9:30am & the parking lot was empty.  The mall is open, but the stores aren’t, therefore, Stinky Linky can run amuck through the mall to stretch his legs & the only people who care are gams & gramps getting coffee w/ their besties.  BRILLIANT MATTHEW!

About a half hour later, we were back in the car, only to stop for gas.  While Matt was filling up, Link was getting crabby.  I figured I’d just give him an apple sauce pouch.  As I’m putting his bib on him (the kid can’t be trusted!), I thought “hmm…this could be a disaster” & then I thought “what other options do I have?  Plus, he’s pretty good w/ the pouch”.  10 seconds later, I hear pure madness in the backseat.  I go back & check on him and Link has berry applesauce EVERY.WHERE.  Ugh.  Unfortunately, mostly on places not covered by his bib, like the car seat latch, car seat, clothes, etc.  I sighed not quite knowing what do do with The Great Thinker said “I saw some snacks for his snack cup inside”.  Dad saves the day again.  Boom!!

While inside, I saw these & I couldn’t resist to feed my addiction (yes, it’s an addiction…it’s terrible).


There, now I’ve admitted it to my husband & the internet….What’s next?

With no problems at the border, we arrived in Ft. Langley where we stayed with some of Matt’s friends.  We arrived Tuesday around lunch time & just relaxed the rest of the day.  Wednesday, Dwayne took us around Ft. Langley to show us the sights – apparently they shoot some movies & TV shows there.  They were shooting something & I did see inside of a trailer, but didn’t see anyone I recognized.  To think, they are living amongst the stars!  Thursday was supposed to be nice, so we planned that day to head into Vancouver.

Turns out, the weather wasn’t all that nice on Thursday, but we made the best of it.  We walked a bit through downtown Vancouver & drove through Stanley Park.  Because we have such amazing timing, we got to Vancouver just as nap time was creeping up.  We talking Link into rallying & brought him the aquarium.  Both Matt & I were a bit skeptical of how he’d like it, if at all, but what else are you to do in the rain?  Turns out…he LOVED it.  Like, tantrums when we had to leave loved it.

First went to see the white sided dolphins.  He was mesmerized  The aquarium wasn’t very busy, so he got his own little area to watch!


Link, however, did NOT like being dressed up like a dolphin.


…Or driving a boat.


Next up were the beluga whales, apparently Vancouver is one of the few places that has them in captivity.  They were pretty spectacular.   We watched a little show they put on with the trainers & Link got a kick out of it (matt too!).


As much as Link loved the whales & dolphins, he was OBSESSED with the giant tank that held sea turtles, fish, & sharks.  He stood there mesmerized & pointing “see” & “what’s this” for over 30 min.  He screamed bloody murder when we took him away to other kids could get their faces on the glass.  I didn’t get a good picture of him there, but I got some of the tank.  The sea turtle was both of our fav’s.


The Vancouver Aquarium also had a sea lion.   I fell in love with him when he let out a groan that sounded like a giant fart.

After the aquarium, we found lunch, at a Red Robin of all places (the lady at a store recommended it, little did she know it originated in Denver).  Here is Link with a classic lemon face.  The kid couldn’t get enough!


Finally, Friday was our day to go home.  We drove another 2.5 hours back to Seattle.  Matt drove like crazy man trying to waste the gas we put into the car because we prepaid the car rental place a full tank.  I wanted to puke!


Vancouver, we will be back!  Thanks for showing us a great time.


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  1. Carrie says:

    Our new favorite place is the BAR at the Denver Aquarium – $2 beers PLUS we can get the seat in front of the GIANT TANK so the babies can stare for HOURS. We will have to make that work some friday when the guys are available too!! I also did not know that RR is from denver… ha! DEELISH.

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