water power walking

I started, what I like to call, water power walking this weekend.  Its really just walking the lazy river at the rec center by my house.  After Christmas I got a case of “swollen ankles & feet”.  It was awful & hideous looking, and I refuse to let that happen again.  So in my infinite research, I found swimming & walking in water is really helpful to leg circulation.  So I thought “what the heck?”.


I went Saturday AM, and I made a lot of new friends in the lazy river.  The average of my new friends is probably 78.  We talked about gardening, getting up early, baking, and how some days, its really hard to exercise, but you just have to do it – the secret to staying young.   Apparently there is a “river walking” class on Wed PM’s – I was invited by my new friends.


As I’m water power walking, I couldn’t help but think that every pregnant lady who tells me swimming & being in the water is so amazing is a liar.  I didn’t feel lighter like they said I would.  And my hearty baby bump didn’t feel weightless.  I also didn’t quite understand how this was such a great workout…granted, when you make the corner & the jets are against you, it was challenging, but it really just felt like walking.


However, when I got out of the lazy river, I was hit by a brick.  I felt about 30lbs heavier, and my legs were so exhausted, I could barely move them.  Seriously, I thought about sitting down & taking a break during the 20 steps to the locker room.  It made me realize that my new friends are pretty hard core grannies – water power walking IS NOT for the weak.  Walk On Grannies!!!!!




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