Work Travel

C: I’m staying in an Embassy Suites tomorrow in San Antonio.  Know why that’s exciting?

M: Nope

C: They have complimentary happy hour.

M: Babes, you can’t even drink

C: Ummm….It also includes Kiddie Cocktails – ON THE ROCKS!

M: *silence, but a smirk*

C: and all you can eat popcorn.  I hope they have glass elevators like the one in Minneapolis

M: *still silent*

C: OH!  Their continental breakfast is pretty big too.  How will I ever chose between sugary cereal, bagels, pancakes, donuts or french toast?

M: I’m not sure…

C: The Embassy Suites is the high life – I like living the high life.

M: Babes, someday I’ll show you living the high life

C: you mean free kiddie cocktails & an awesome continental breakfast at the Embassy Suites isn’t the high life?

M: Nope…

C: Oh…


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