Worst neighbor – ever

Two weeks ago I was trying to get Lucy’s walk in after work before the rain, but low & behold, it started to pour.  We power walked & just went around the block.  about 1/2 block from the house, she had to go #2 & I unfortunatly didn’t have a bag (I ALWAYS have one…ugh!).   I tried to run her home, but she insisted on going in my neighbors yard.  As I watch her go #2, I contemplate what to do…  Do I knock on their door & ask for a bag?  No – their dog is at the door watching, so my dog + their dog + a baby in a stroller is the ultimate disaster.

I ended up leaving it because I didn’t think it was good to go back home, get a bag, and take Link back to the scene of the crime.

Fast forward to Friday at 11:00am.  I hurried home from work so I could get Lucy on her walk & return to the scene of the accident & make my wrong right – BUT THEY ALREADY HAD PICKED IT UP.  Ugh…

I’ve been trying to avoid their house, but sometimes I can’t, I feel utmost shame as I walk by.  I keep thinking I should send an apology & $5 or something.

FYI – Lucy hates the rain (and snow…)


Link loves the rain!


Just a picture of my 2 lovelies….



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